Passion Week Bible Study

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday is often called Passion Week. This is the week that Jesus publicly assumes His Scriptural calling as Messiah and Savior. The week begins with His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, continues through the Last Supper, his struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane, His betrayal by Judas, His trials, His crucifixion and then culminates in His resurrection on Easter Sunday morning.

Our Bible study this week will take a brief look at the events of Passion Week. We will follow along with "The Passion Week - Chronology of Events" published by BibleWise ( This chronology is available on the BibleWise website at this link: There is a PDF version for download and print here:

After this, we will look at Jesus' sayings from the cross. This is a Bible study we two years ago, but I think it is something everyone will find interesting. Here is a link to the Bible study notes:

There is a PDF version for download and print at this link: .

About Pastor John

Pastor John is a retired pastor and theology professor residing in Mountain Home, AR. See his full biography under the "About" page on this website.
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